Pregunte al experto

When using my TapeTech Corner Finisher, there is excess joint compound on one side of the tape and very little on the other side of the taped internal corner. Why?

Uneven results in internal corners are usually due to one of two reasons.

If the corner finisher is old and worn or if it has been dropped or damaged, it may need to have the blades replaced or the frames calibrated. While the blades can be easily replaced in the field, it is best to bring the corner finisher to an Authorized Repair Facility if it needs to be calibrated.

Another common cause of uneven results in corners is if the tool is not centered in the corner. Oftentimes the user's body is centered in the corner but the handle and the tool are not aligned with the corner. Make sure that the handle of the tool is aimed directly into the internal corner.

 Proper Alignment of Corner Finisher