Спросить эксперта

When I use my TapeTech Bazooka, the tape advance needle keeps ripping the drywall joint tape. How can I prevent this?

If the needle (part #059049, often referred to as the gooser needle) that advances the drywall joint tape is ripping the tape when you use your TapeTech automatic taper, it is usually a sign that the taper needs cleaning or routine maintenance. First, check the needle; if it is worn it may need to be replaced. Make sure the needle is properly set in the needle holder (050050F) and adjust, if necessary.

Check to see that the drywall joint tape moves smoothly through the tape guide assembly (054101) and clean the assembly, if needed. For your convenience, TapeTech offers Maintenance Kit 200 which includes the gooser needle and nine others parts already combined into one, easy sub-assembly.