Frage an den Experten

Are there any tips or tricks to make it easier to fill my TapeTech MudRunner®?

When filling the MudRunner®, we recommend that you first make sure that the filler nozzle on the tool is clear of any dry joint compound or other debris. Then firmly press the filler nozzle of the tool all the way into the filler adapter on the joint compound  loading pump. As you fill the tool, the joint compound forces the hydraulic cylinder down – be sure to hold the tool securely in the filler adapter or it may “push” itself off from the pressure.

Make sure that your joint compound is mixed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Add a small amount of water if the mix seems too thick or is difficult to pump into the MudRunner®. Finally, after cleaning the MudRunner® each time, lubricate the Rod Wiper with Ames Bazooka Oil. Proper cleaning and maintenance, along with this basic technique described above, will make filling your TapeTech MudRunner® easier.