Frage an den Experten

Is there a recommended height for the blades above the skids?

The blades on TapeTech Finishing Boxes (Flat, EasyClean® and Power Assist™), Corner Finishers and Nail Spotters are set to .005 inches (5/1000ths of an inch) above the skids or frames at the factory. You can use a simple feeler gauge to measure this precisely. In the field, your fingernail will also work as a good gauge.

Depending on the age and condition of your tools and the various parts that work together to produce an edge-free finish, you may need to adjust your blades slightly higher than this factory this setting. You may also find that one side of the blade may need to be set differently than the other side due to the condition and wear of other parts. However, the blade should never be set less than .005 inches above the skids or frame.