Home of the gods Odin, Thor, Baldr and Tyr.

Land of order and reason.

A kingdom where immortals, and their weapons, are born…

ASGARD is a new brand of weapons, designed to help mere mortals perform near-mythical feats and bring order to finishing drywall in the chaotic construction realm. ASGARD Taping Tools provide you with battle-tested features and performance from TapeTech, the number one brand of Automatic Taping & Finishing Tools in the world.

Focused on the core tools, the streamlined design delivers only the features you need to get the job done on time, on budget and with great value. ASGARD provides the perfect product range to upgrade from basic finishing tools like knives and trowels to the modern weapons necessary to win in a competitive construction industry.

It’s the new level of drywall tools from TapeTech.

ASGARD. Value Your Work.


About TapeTech Tools

TapeTech has been the number one selling brand of automatic taping and finishing tools for the drywall industry for 40 years. TapeTech tools are known for quality design, innovation, engineering, performance and support.