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Extension Handle


Asgard® Tools feature an interchangeable handle system that allows one support handle to be used with the Corner Applicator, Corner Roller and Nail Spotter without additional adapters. To attach the support handles to the Angle Heads, use the CFA-AD adapter. The XH-AD extendable support handle features robust construction and its optimal diameter makes it extremely ergonomic. The XH-AD extends from 43” to 76” (106 cm to 193 cm). The D-shaped fitting securely positions the handle in the Corner Applicator to prevent the tool from rotating during use.

  • Attaches to Corner Roller, Corner Applicator, Nail Spotter and Angle Heads (with CFA-AD adapter)
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  • Extends from 43” to 76” (106 cm to 193 cm)
  • D-Shaped fitting prevents Corner Applicator from rotating


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