Pregunte al experto

A friend in Canada uses a “syringe” with his corner finishers. He says it’s better than a corner applicator because it holds a lot more compound. Does TapeTech make a syringe?

The syringe does, in fact, hold significantly more compound than a corner applicator but it operates the same way as a standard applicator; requiring manual force to push the compound out of the syringe. Your friend also needs to literally suck the compound out of the bucket with the syringe which is a very manual process that requires the removal of the corner finisher whenever it’s time to refill the tool.

TapeTech took this concept a giant leap forward with the MudRunner®, making corner finishing easier than ever. The MudRunner® operates with a simple twist of the wrist to effortlessly apply compound to inside and outside corners with corner finishers or mud heads. The MudRunner® holds 50% more compound than a standard 8” corner applicator and 70% more than a 7” applicator.