Why Should You Use ATF Tools?

By Mike Ventura
Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

Successful drywall finishers have always been hard workers. In today’s highly competitive workplace, you also have to work smart. The proper tools help you do that by completing jobs faster and easier. That’s exactly what TapeTech Automatic Taping and Finishing (ATF) tools are designed to do. When you use TapeTech tools, not only will you complete taping and finishing in record time but the work will be of consistently high quality as well.There are four key reasons why anyone who finishes drywall should use Automatic Taping and Finishing Tools. Only ATF Tools deliver:

  1. Increased Productivity:  ATF Tools help you finish drywall faster – up to 50% faster than finishing with hand tools such as taping knives, pans and hawks. Completing the job faster means more profit for your company and the opportunity to win more jobs.

  2. Better Finish: ATF Tools are designed and calibrated to apply the proper amount of joint compound when taping and finishing. ATF tools simultaneously finish both sides of the joint, feathering the edges and requiring very little, if any sanding. A better finish means more satisfied customers.

  3. Consistent Results: ATF tools ensure that you get the same high quality results every time. And the results are the same even with different workers. Consistent results on every wall means fewer call backs and more profit. 

  4. Enhanced Safety: By using tools that allow you to complete most of the taping and finishing work in a standard room without stilts or scaffolding, ATF tools contribute to a safer jobsite.

Why Choose TapeTech?

As a drywall finishing professional, you depend on your tools to deliver the quality finish that your reputation demands. You require tools that are dependable, easy to maintain and are unmatched in strength and durability. You need TapeTech tools. 

TapeTech is the unchallenged leader where top-notch pros find the perfect solution to their drywall finishing tool needs. Choosing TapeTech means working with a brand of tools produced by a company that is dedicated to:

Unmatched quality: TapeTech has been providing the highest quality tools in the industry for over 20 years. Durability and ease of maintenance are designed into TapeTech tools so you can expect them to perform when needed. You can trust that TapeTech tools are the easiest to maintain and most dependable tools available.

New innovation: TapeTech’s engineers are constantly making improvements and developing innovations to complement your TapeTech tools - innovations available only from TapeTech. If there is a more efficient method to finish drywall, TapeTech is certain to find it. TapeTech engineers are hard at work to make your job easier all the time.

Availability and Ongoing Support: TapeTech has more distributors, dealers and service partners around the world than any other brand. This means finding the industry’s best tools, service and support is easy and convenient. 

Education: TapeTech is dedicated to using our industry experience and expertise to improve drywall finishing for all. Whether you choose to Ask the Expert at www.tapetech.com or send an e-mail directly to our dedicated Technical Support team, no company works harder to help your company be even more successful. 

Industry Involvement: TapeTech is actively involved in more industry associations than any other ATF tool company. We participate in as many committees and seminars as possible to constantly improve the drywall industry. 

Don’t risk your professional reputation to anything less than the best — TapeTech Drywall Finishing Tools.